The Impact of the Weather on Your Health

Weather can changes in the weather (including temperature) impact your health? You betcha!

In fact, it’s the first things most health can provides consider and try and rule out once a new illness or condition has surfaced.

This shifts in climate directly impact and challenge they health of many of our key systems including our immune / musculoskeletal system.

Here are a few health conditions that can be triggered by a sudden change in the weather:

Infections and illnesses of the upper respiratory tract

When temperatures rise, people have tendency to wear too few layers to stay cool. That can affect their immune response and can trigger upper respiratory infections. Wear light, layered clothes to avoid issues with fluctuating temperatures.

Chronic sinus and throat issues

Air systems struggle to keep up with the demands for cooler climate. And if your filters haven’t been changed in more than six months, they are likely blowing dust, mold and mildew-ridden air on you and your family while you are at home or work.

Seasonal asthma and bronchitis

Cold air (including air conditioning) can trigger seasonal asthma or bronchitis. People who have these conditions should be prepared to use an inhaler seasonally to avoid severe and chronic coughing episodes.

Muscle and joint injuries

When the weather warms up, people are eager to head outdoors. But being extremely active on muscles and joints that have been hibernating during the cold winter months can lead to injuries.

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