Osteoporosis and Zeolite

Excerpt from "Treatment of osteoporosis with a modified zeolite shows beneficial effects in osteoporotic trials..."

The severity of osteoporosis in humans manifests in its high incidence and by its complications that diminish quality of life. A societal consequence of osteoporosis is the substantial burden that it inflicts upon patients and their families.

Osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are common chronic diseases that reduce quality of life and carry a substantial financial burden. Despite pharmacological advances, the burden of osteoporosis remains problematic and current pharmacotherapies often come with adverse side effects.

Here, we present an innovative and cost-effective approach for treating osteoporosis based on studies with an animal model of osteoporosis and a first in human clinical trial. The approach takes advantage of properties exhibited by zeolites, particularly Panaceo Micro Activation (PMA)-clinoptilolite, a surface modified zeolite with ion exchange properties. Intervention of osteoporotic animals and patients with PMA-zeolite-clinoptilolite yielded sufficient beneficial markers of bone formation and maintenance of bone integrity to warrant further evaluation of this compound, alone or in combination with a current therapy, for the treatment of osteoporosis.

To view the original study, [Treatment of osteoporosis with a modified zeolite shows beneficial effects in an osteoporotic rat model and a human clinical trial]click here.




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